Monday, May 31, 2010

Linux Compile Errors!

So I had an hour of spare time to work on something... knowing I have copying issues, I decided I would use this time to compile the 1st part of the assignment. To my surprise my borland compilation was successful (after some time of configuring the compiler)

So I thought I was lucky and decided to compile with the Linux (through the matrix server) and well, it didn't go as well. I ended up with some funny error of "undefined reference to "... I don't know what I did wrong so I decided to google it. Through googling, I found that it can not find the library to the . Funny enough I forgot which library I am suppose to use... or . I decided to try both but failed and ended up with the same problem.

My problem now is how do I get the library for the linux?

(I hate you error)

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